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Many young parents drop their children off at preschool or child care programs on their way to work. The day is then filled with information – traffic reports, updates from friends, sports scores, news from around the world, stock portfolio performance, notice of a colleague’s promotion and a cousin’s birthday. Yet, with all this information, only one thing is constantly on their mind.

How is my child? Did she eat her lunch? Did she have her nap this afternoon? Did I leave enough diapers? Is she getting along with the other kids today? What mood will she be in when I pick her up? Is he still as upset as when I dropped him off? I wonder what he’s learning about today? Is he happy today?

HiMama was created to answer these questions – informing parents about their children’s well-being and engaging parents in their children’s learning and development while they’re in a preschool or child care program.

- From Hi Mama